Chris Bensch is vice president for collections and oversees all collections and conservation activities of The Strong’s National Museum of Play and Brian Sutton-Smith Library and Archives of Play.  He also serves as the primary spokesperson for the National Toy Hall of Fame.

Megan Charland is former object photographer for The Strong’s Online Collections and for other collections documentation projects.

Scott G. Eberle is vice president for play studies at The Strong, editor of its American Journal of Play, and lead contributor to its re:Play Blog. He also writes the Play in Mind blog for Psychology Today.

Jennifer Giambrone is former documentary content manager for The Strong’s collections records, particularly those related to dolls, toys, and play history videos.

Victoria Gray is acquisitions cataloger for The Strong. She catalogs and updates records for pre-1930s artifacts including toys, dolls, games, postcards, and sheet music.

Patricia Hogan is curator for toys, dolls, sports equipment, and textiles at The Strong and associate editor of its American Journal of Play.

James F. Leach is former archivist for The Strong’s Brian Sutton-Smith Library and Archives of Play.

Michelle Parnett is Special Assistant to the President and CEO at The Strong and an Assistant Editor for the American Journal of Play. She is also responsible for cataloging the America at Play: Play Stories.

Nic Ricketts is curator for non-electronic games, art, and paper ephemera such as photographs, postcards, sheet music, and advertising. He also manages the museum’s annual display of Toy and Game Inventor (TAGIE) award winners.

Carol Sandler is former director of The Strong’s Brian Sutton-Smith Library and Archives, which holds an unparalleled research collection devoted to the intellectual, social, and cultural history of play.

Rick Sherin is former conservator for The Strong and is responsible for all conservation policies and practices.

Lauren Sodano is collections manager for The Strong. Her responsibilities include donor relations, incoming and outgoing loans, and recordkeeping for collection acquisitions. She also manages collections volunteers.

Tara Winner is librarian and cataloger for The Strong’s Brian Sutton-Smith Library and Archives of Play and is responsible for cataloging toy trade catalogs, computer and video game strategy guides, and electronic gaming magazines.