People at Play

Old Play=New Play?

Ever since they started appearing in kids’ lives in the 1970s, video games have caused controversy. Many grownups fret that video games keep kids glued to the screen instead of setting up a board game, heading outside to play ball, or engaging in other forms of more traditional play (click here for a great demonstration of this view).It’s true that children are spending more time playing video games.

ICHEG - 2015

One year after being acquired by Amazon, online video streaming service Twitch fuels the growth of eSports. Thirty-six million viewers watch the <i>League of Legends</i> World Championship, rivaling and surpassing viewership of some of the most popular athletic events in the world.

ICHEG - 2016

Players hunt for virtual creatures like Pikachu and Horsea in the real world with Niantic’s free-to-play hit <i>Pokémon Go</i>. It’s the gaming sensation of the summer, and commenters debate whether it’s just a fad or represents a bright future for augmented reality.